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Old 14th August 2020
Here for the gear

Thanks Kyle! I will definitely look into that!

I should have been more clear. Perhaps I shouldn't have said 'broadcast' room.
During service, I have all of the raw audio from the church coming into my computer via usb where we then mix the audio via DAW during the service (separate from the live sound in the sanctuary), which will then be sent to the youtube/livestream.
(There will not be any voiceovers going on)

Should I move the setup closer to the wall? I was just trying to use the 38%ish rule as a starting point.

If I understood correctly, my panels are probably only working 'down' to 80hz? as in they're probably not helping on the 79hz and lower freqs?

The speakers are equal distance from the left and right walls, and my listening spot is in the center (between left and right)

Should I move more of my side panels to the rear wall? or build more and add to the rear wall?

How many bass traps should I add? (I could maybe make some 48x16x9" thick---or do i need deeper)?

Thank you everyone for your input and help!!!