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Originally Posted by ND_Sound View Post
This is a question that has so many variables involved.
How are you mixing the audio once it is split to you? What software are you using for the live streaming? And how are you getting audio and video into the computer?

Unless you are running the audio and video into the computer with the same device such as a video capture card with audio inputs you will have to align the audio and video signals. In whatever software you are using there will be delay controls to do so.

If you are using OBS you can insert plugins directly on the audio tracks coming in. In general I would not recommend using too much audio processing on the same machine handling as they streaming encoding takes up a lot of computer resources.
Thanks for your input! The thought was to take the splitter feed into a console and then take the Apollo in and out of the insert sends and returns. Then feed the mix out to whatever they will be using to send the live feed out. If I use UA plugs that are geared for their 'Unison' low latency maybe that will also help in keeping the audio aligned with the video?

Otherwise my standard DAW is Digital Perform (I keep telling myself that I need to migrate to a better DAW). I also have StudioOne4 but haven't used it much and don't know my way around it very well.

I don't have a video capture card and I've never used the delay controls for this type of application in DP either.

Sadly I'm just searching for solutions to pull this off as best I can.

If you can guide me any further with this information please don't hesitate!