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Wel I tested it and removed al plugins that enabled the delay compensation. The more I remove of the that caused compensation the tighter stutter 2 gets. And it acts as normal when all are removed.

Same as with stutter ‘1’ btw.

( what do you mean with sidechain track? You mean stutter related or daw related?)
Oh never mind about the sidechain comment, I was getting my woires crossed with VocalSynth on that one!! Hahaha!!

Well it would seem that the other plugins you placed elsewhere would be the culprit for your latency issues.

So how you need to attack it is like like this, get most of your tracks/loops down first using only essential plugins, like guitar amps or StutterEdit for example, but avoid latency inducing ones Once you've got most of your tracks/loops and it's time to start mixing, that's when you can start getting bit more creative with the plugins. Since you're no longer recording, latency is less of an issue.

Well, that's how I usually go about it.