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Studer modules have multilayer construction, you should be able to remove the top powdercoated and silkscreened panel (glued, be careful to not bend it)
Don't know the technic to remove powdecoating (chemical ?) but then it's "easy" to find someone that can powdercoat and silkscreen or UV print on the clean panel.

The RAL for 9xx series should be easy to find, especially for a graphic designer
Font is probably Helvetica

Studer probably use Elma or Sifam for the 9xx, there is chance knob and caps are still manufactured. Just have a search at both company catalogue.

Thank you so much for your input. I'll put info here as I have it, maybe someone will find it useful.

1. Redoing panels for 42 channels can be more than 1200 EUR where I am. Glue is old and front comes off easy.
The font is not Helvetica, although good guess there. They've used slightly modified version of Univers font.

2. Knobs can be cleaned in the ultrasonic bath with some bleach for white parts. BUT if you want new or you need caps, they are made by Swiss company Ritel: — they are exactly the same apart from some specific ones (probably custom made).

Here're some photos of the console assembled / taken apart. Will build new wooden sides for it, reupholster leather armrests, etc.

I'm still torn if I should keep the same colors or make oak sides, brown leather, etc. Does anyone has any opinion on that?
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