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Old 12th August 2020
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Spleeter ai is the open source code I was referring to.

As I mentioned, I sense that any/all apps incorporating unmix/demix (audioanimix, acon, SL, izotope etc) are using the spleeter code....which by the way....the spleeter guy/guys seem to have moved from being able to do four stems now to 5. Seems to me that it's only spleeter's site that initially coined "ai" would appear to be the reason commercial companies that incorporate spleeter are also using the ai term.

Irritating bad as when companies just could not stop themselves from using "robust"

As with elastique, app makers probably tweak spleeter for workflow incorporation.

At any rate, that's my observation as to why everyone's unmix app sounds about the same as everyone else.

The fantastic thing is that the technology is indeed getting better. The next few years will be exciting in this field imo.