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Hi LeeUK- how did you calibrate the vco’s tracking, interested to know. I saw trimmers for “width” and “frequency” on the back
It was posted on the previous page by a couple of people. The width is the scaling and the frequency is the tuning. Following advice from a couple of people on this thread I set the scaling over a three octave range from A1 through A4.

Tuned the low note so it read A1 on a tuner (I use an old Korg tuner) plugged into the second output of the 112. This ensures that the signal is not affected by envelopes/filters etc.

Then using the width control for the relevant oscillator, adjust it until it scales correctly. After adjusting you will need to retune the low note. It's a case of since and repeat over the three octave range. You will never get it 100%, but mine track to within +-3 cents which is not bad.

After all of that you may want to adjust the frequency trimmer so it matches with the main Tune knob. I found that even after adjusting the scaling a few times mine pretty much still sits in the centre.

If you don't want to do this, then get hold of Expert Sleepers Silent Way which will calibrate the output to get the scaling correct. However, if your two oscillators are not tracking the same then you will still have issues.

I've got the Klavis CalTrans on the way which will calibrate up to 4 oscillators individually from the one module.