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Having used Spectralayers for a few years, here are some of my observations & considerations....
I believe Robin developed the unmix stuff for SL7 - he might chime in and say. It's limited in scope as it has 'presets' for vocals / guitar etc. And as you might expect it's not 100% but it's as good or better than anything else I've heard.

Does it use AI ?...well no, not in my opinion. He's used some kind of machine learning to optimise the unmix process for these specific presets - but SL7 doesn't have AI built in... SB just seem to enjoy using the AI buzzword

As you said earlier, the upgrade price from SL6 is pretty reasonable so if you are using it a lot then it's a no brainer in my opinion. The denoising stuff have been tweaked/improved too. I still think that RX7 is far better at the denoising etc but if you are happy with SL6 then I think you will be even happier with SL7.

I use it with ARA in cubase - but it's not 100% - there are still limits and gotcha's in SB ARA implementation.

It's still pretty buggy and the UI could do with a major overhaul to make look 21st century but worth the upgrade price