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Here are my presets for R4, not sure if they will be to your taste. I really like a brighter, more open sound as I mostly do EDM production.

P.S.: For lush reverbs, I think Sonsig and R4 are a winning combination and all that I personally would ever need (even though I also own LX480). For natural reverbs, I think I slightly prefer VSR S24 over Nimbus due to its modulation.

P.P.S.: If ArtsAcoustic Reverb was still being maintained, I'd also recommend that for super thick, dreamy, lush reverbs. It still has a very unique modulation compared to everything else I own, and while the plugin is rock solid and still works on Windows 10, the company seems to be dead and macOS users will probably eventually be out in the cold if they bought it today.
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