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Old 12th August 2020
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Having used Spectralayers for a few years, here are some of my observations & considerations....

I bought into it specifically for's workflow was/is sorta similar to what I used with Isolate (hey zynaptiq, when?......) in that I can draw stuff out freehand, including overtones. For some flutes and some types of harmonies, I can isolate/zap/demix those much faster with melodyne.

I always use sl standalone for surgery. Personally, there is no way I'd work with ara...while cubase etc is's surgery.....I do the work, export the result...and then later import the fixed stuff into the cubase project.

Hiss/hum zapping is stellar with sl. Soooo easy. Plus so easy to experiment with various levels of noise zapping (a lot of my work is with what were tape track multitracks from the 60s).

Ok.....this ai buzzword....and the 4-5 component stem making stuff......

I'm sensing.....that there is one outfit that made the code for autostems....and that the code is then licensed to...spectralayers/steinberg...acon...phonicmind....izotope, + all the other current online stem-maker outfits.

The type....and quality...of all the stem making code seems so be about the same.

So, the only way sl will get better at if/when the code maker gets better.

It's sort of like elastique...most every daw relies on it.

In this regard, I'm not too sure I'll upgrade right away to SL 7......because....hey.....phonicmind sometimes gives a perfectly fine demix for what....a dollar ninety-nine or something.

I believe it's Acon that describes where all this demixing code comes from that all the makers are using. I've only briefly looked at the source...which I believe is open source or something.

That being said....if SL is truly doing their/his own code for demixing, hey, that's cool.

But I say....seem to be about the same across the code board.

What we need of course, is for Stephen Burnsee to dazzle the demixing world with whatever it is he envisioned Isolate to do next.....which....I hound Zynaptiq about all the time.