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at this point, find someone to replay the part on acoustic and record it well. Saw a YouTube on a guy going on Fiver to find drummers for his song, and looked at $15-$200. Not surprisingly, the $200 sounded great.

Can you post a clip of the acoustic so we can a) hear what you're talking about, and b) help gauge the difficulty of recreating it?
I appreciate this much help!

I've paid a guitarist over Fiver before for something I couldn't pull off technically with the emotion I wanted behind it, and it went well.

I've gotten my chops up since then and with a few days practice can pull of nearly anything I have in my head, to where it sounds like a great performance and not a guy trying to make it though the part without messing up. Huge difference there in feel to me.

This one is solved for now, no need to post for more feedback. In the future I'll make sure to use a better guitar to begin with, and will make sure to preserve the original recording without the ITB chain. This is an old track from 8 years ago so working with what I've got.