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Old 11th September 2007
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very nice soundwise, There are a couple of medium rooms alone that make it worthwhile even without the whiz-bang effects like the pitched echoes and intelligent harmonizers and the Darth Vader voice.

I never got around to making it +4 but I made user presets of my favorite sounds with the level boosted up to the maximum which is usually enough for reverb.

THESE GUYS have the manual- as well as every other Sony manual ever, btw. The manual is poorly written, but there are some very deep programming options that are at least outlined in the manual. (Playing with the 'rate' of a tremolo is about as much "programming" that I do. )

The various algorithms are set up in blocks and you can structure them in terms of what order the blocks are in, whether they are series or parallel, whether there is recursion or not etc etc. There is a ton of stuff that is barely represented in the presets.

The only problem I have had with it is the battery. I am on my third. The thread chester linked to has all the answers on changing the battery and resetting the unit.