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i have an original Roland system-100m cab in the classic combination and I looove the sound. So I bought the same behringer modules ( 112, 121, 130, 140 & 150) and they sound fantastic! I set up a patch on the original and then copied it to the behringer modules and it was sooo similar it’s amazing - I ended up using them panned left and right in a track and it’s a great combination. If you want that sound then this is the cheapest way to do it.
However, being in eurorack format, it’s more fiddly than the original so it’s more difficult to “play” the behringer modules - on the original Roland, I move the pitch cv sliders of say the 112 vco whilst recording to get a performance which you can’t really do on the behringer 112 as it has small pots. That said, I’ve ordered all the rest of the modules they’re threatening to release
How is the tuning/pitch tracking working with 112 vco for you? Many have reported the clone tracks pitch poorly compared to original 112 vco.

Btw, a demo comparing original and Behri would be cool!