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Huh. Well. R4 is in many ways an improved Lex PCM since it’s the same guy that did both. Doesn’t mean you have to like it, though. Just odd that you’ve don’t like it at all.

Sonsig is great, too. R4 and Sonsig are my top 2.
The fact that the same person designed both means nothing really.
Michael even said at some point that the PCM reverb bundle sounded better at its initial release than now, as at some point they had to do an update for the MAC users and that altered the plugin performance or something. Still the PCM reverb bundle is my favorite.

I like the Nimbus one. I will spend some more time with hte R4 of course. It is only the first days and I got quite a few toys I have been checking, getting to grips with during the last few days.

From what I heard it sounds different to R2.

Still.. does anyone know if these licenses we got for both Nimbus and R4 from PB are NFR or?