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I got the R4 from PB too a few days ago. So far I have not geled with it yet. My favorite reverbs are the Lex PCM bundle ones.

I liked Nimbus and I am in love with Excalibur. R4 not so much. I will keep at it with it for the next few days.

Is this an NFR license that we got from PB?
Is there any way of refund? I know I should have demoed it first.

Aaaand... I should have gone for Sonsig :/
Huh. Well. R4 is in many ways an improved Lex PCM since it’s the same guy that did both. Doesn’t mean you have to like it, though. Just odd that you’ve don’t like it at all.

Sonsig is great, too. R4 and Sonsig are my top 2.