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Hello everyone,

Audiofier has released Riffendium Total Bundle and Veevum Singles.

Riffendium Total Bundle includes the 7 previously released:

RIFFENDIUM (Generic Guitars).
RIFFENDIUM 2 (Heavy Guitars).
RIFFENDIUM 3 (Ambient Guitars).
RIFFENDIUM 4 (Trailer Guitars).
RIFFENDIUM 5 (Action Guitars).
RIFFENDIUM 6 (Funk/Disco Guitars).
Riffendium Total Bundle price is $455 plus VAT (where applicable).
Owners of one or more Riffendium titles who desire to complete the series are welcome to contact us and will be sent a personal offer for the remaining titles which will be processed manually.

Veevum Singles are three ambient instruments taken from Veevum Trilogy, which now can be purchased separately:

VEEVUM ONE features sounds sampled with Roland S-50 in both 30kHz and 15kHz versions.
VEEVUM A/D sounds derive from custom patches created using Analog and Digital Synthetisers.
VEEVUM REAL includes recordings of real acoustic instruments and hybrid permutations.
The price of each Veevum single instrument is $35 plus VAT (where applicable).

All these instruments require the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1, they won't work with the Free Kontakt Player.

Have a great day,

Love your Kontakt Libraries. I own several of the Riffendium series, so I will definitely email you.

Also, I highly recommend Veevum to anyone who has not checked it out yet. In addition to sounding great, it really is unique in a world of so many Kontakt library choices. The whole bundle is great, but it’s nice that they made an option to get each part individually.