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Old 10th August 2020
Pink fiberglass batt over drop ceiling to reduce ambient noise in restaurant

Hey, hope everyone is well.
I'm involved in a project renovating a charity owned restaurant, and we're trying to determine the most cost effective way of reducing the ambient noise level for the comfort of patrons. The floor is concrete, the room is around 3200 sq ft and the drop ceiling is approx 16' from the floor. My first intuition is that spreading r30 above the drop ceiling would be quite effective but i'm unsure how reflective the cheap ceiling tiles are. Presumably even cheap tiles have been engineered to be somewhat absorptive at mid and high frequencies.
Upgrading to an acoustic grade ceiling tile like Armstrong Calla is quite expensive ($5+ a foot). R30 is under $1 a foot.
Anyone have any experience with this type of installation? I've also seen egg-crate type acoustic foam installed under tables at fancy restaurants, but i image this would generally have a lot lower effectiveness and be more prone to failure.

Thanks in advance,