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Here for the gear

Thank you guys for your advice! Greatly appreciated! I did some more measurements and attached them to this post.

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It could be second order reflections (involving 2 surfaces) caused by the wall/ceiling and wall/floor edges to the left and right of the speaker positions.

One idea is to make the speaker triangle wider. If this doesn't improve the null, then I would advise installing absorption in those room edges. They would need to be similar in size to the chunks you already have in the front wall/wall edges. You may be able to borrow the top portion of those chunks and set them on the floor where the floor and wall meet.
I tried to make the speaker triangle wider (20cm) and made some more measurements. Absorption in those edges is a good Idea! I Will definitely consider this.

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Can you measure left and right separately from 20hz and 20khz.

Also a null that is a deep notch is preferable to a wide null but not as deep. When its a notch that deep it wiil go away if you move the mic and measure at a different spot. This is why just going by a frequency response in one spot at one point in time is not reliable. You never keep your head in one location when mixing or listening, This is why its best if you are using frequency response as a tool, to do many measurements around the listening position and make an average to see what the situation really is like.

By the way, your minimum phase group delay analysis shows its most likely the result of some form of SBIR.
In the new measurements I measured from 20-20khz and also did multiple Mic Positions for one Speaker position. The Dip at 70Hz changed a bit in deepness and frequency. I also measured the Distance from the right speaker to the right wall, and it's 122cm, which could be the cause of the SBIR in my opinion.

What confuses me is that you can also clearly see a dip in this frequency region in the measurement which went diagonally through the Room. Maybe multiple Effects on top of eachother?

Thanks guys!
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