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I'm not entirely sure what you're asking... I would assume that yes, any splitter / switch box including a number of stereo pairs of audio RCA connectors would have the lefts independent from the rights, can't think of any reason to do otherwise. Note also that if such box is fully passive, you may be loading outputs more than they like, e.g. your desktop output connected simultaneously to three inputs is seeing an impedance which is the parallel of all three, so e.g. 3.33k if each is 10k, a typical value. Some outputs will generate a higher THD as the opamp used is required to deliver more current than what it's spec'd for, while some will easily drive this and even lower without significant distortion, so, it depends. There's also the issue of outputs with a relatively high impedance that will form a voltage divider with the load and you will lose some signal level, e.g. a 1k output impedance (not very common but not unheard of) driving those 3.33k will suffer a loss of ~2.3 dB. If such setup isn't used for any critical listening, you don't hear any obvious distortion and signal levels are fine, it may be a perfectly serviceable solution; if it is and / or you do and / or they aren't, it may be worth investigating the specific drive capabilities of each output and considering active buffers where the load may be too heavy.