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Here for the gear

Yeah, both 1394 cards are TI. All drivers were updated repeatedly through device manager. Considering the fact that the M-Audio Firewire 410 works but the Profire 2626 pops/cuts out after 30 seconds with both Syba and Siig, I'm not leaning toward the 1394 being the issue. The 2626 driver was just locking up. It did this however it was used, including just playing regular audio off youtube.

After a week of trying to get the 2626 to work (including 3 full reinstalls of Windows) I'm done.
I just don't think it works on a new MB and 10.

But, we will have confirmation of this soon enough. The old guts I pulled out of this machine are headed into a different computer which will also get Windows 10 and the 2626 for another test.