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Old 10th August 2020
Here for the gear

rca jack splitter/combiner

if you are old school like me you will appreciate this low tech solution to a typical circumstance , how to share audio and video between 2 computers and 1 tv including an A/V selector to share the tv. there is such a thing called a "cock box", sorry for the name it is not mine. this a a box with multiple rca jacks marked in and out in stereo pairs. what I cannot find out is if all left and all right jacks are wired in parallel but no connection between left and right.

so I made my own consisting of 16 jacks for left and 16 jacks for right no connection between them. this means that each half is both an input and output simultaneously. nothing more than multiple "Y" splitters connected together without the resulting mess! 1 pc to tv adapter for each desktop to send to the 4 port selector, and 1 stereo from each desktop to send to the same selector, then out to the tv.

back to the splitter box. the desktop audio from/to desktop is connected to the box. 3 outputs then go to the A/V selector, a headphone amp, and a speaker amp, all simultaneously. strictly passive. a speaker selector with all switches closed would perform the same function. the 4 port switch uses an interlock switch, only one button can be pushed at a time. not what I need. a non interlock switch would work but I did not need switches. this mentioned to give you an idea of what I am after. happy building!