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This plugin is nice.
I don't think it's entirely valid to compare this to NeuralDSP in tone characteristics since Neural modeled different amps. I did some comparisons to Mercuriall Reaxis as it also models Mesa Mark series and it was tough to decide what I like better. ML5 seems to be more focused but at the same time a little bit more flat and two dimesional, while Reaxis is more detailed and the response is more nuanced, but it's somehow not as tight as ML5. If not for that tightness difference, I'd figuratively say that Reaxis is like a real amp and ML5 is like a Kemper clone of that amp.
As for stock IRs, they are pretty always meh in any plugin. NeuralDSP, Mercuriall, ML5 all have average quality nothing special IRs, so I always use some 3rd party ones.