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There's been chatter about their involvement with Neural DSP, but to what degree, and with which products? I see "IRs" mentioned but is that strictly related to cab IRs? Or did the guy(s) behind ML Labs have a deeper involvement in the amp emulations themselves?
I believe Mikko did the IRs for Darkglass and Plini; and Nolly has done IRs for the plugins subsequent to Plini. It appears Neural has removed any mention of Mikko on their pages subsequent to the dissolution of their working relationship.

Pretty stark difference between Mikko's and Nolly's. To me, the non-Mikko IRs require a lot of attention to notching out whistle tones (pay special attention to the "complex chord" section of the demo of my post above). I didn't include Fortin Nameless in this comparison, but that one has tons of whistle tones as well - so much so that, to me it's not very usable.

I agree with others have have posted about the GUI needing to be bigger. I also agree he should step up quality of the FX. Neural knocks it out of the park in both these regards.

That said, I think the tone of this plugin is so far above any other guitar sim I've played (including Axe-Fx) that the detractors become insignificant. E.g., the built in FX are passable for jamming; and for actual tracking, I can use third party plugins.