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I've got a guitar part I'm unable to re-record any time soon.

Its an acoustic guitar recording that is somehow nasally, shrill, and muddy all at the same time. I've gotten it a little better with EQ cuts, soothe2, reverb, and compression but its a very careful balance and still doesn't sound nice, each EQ cut just brings out another quality that isn't all that nice.

Any fix it in the mix tips for a harsher nasally guitar recording?

Its a background type sound, a simple repetitive loop to up the vibe in sections. So it just needs to have a "nice" feel to it to add some lushness to the track. Is this impossible? Should I just find someone on the net to re-record it for me (my acoustic guitar is on the other side of the country right now.)
You could. You could also try to find somewhere near your location where you could use a good guitar and mic to record the track.