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Old 8th August 2020
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SketchCassette is getting a major update later this year that will include a bunch of new features, bug fixes, and a new universally compatible preset system similar to the one in ShapeShifter. This update has required moving SketchCassette over to the new framework we're on which is taking some time, but we're looking to have the update out in the Fall.

This update will be free for all existing SketchCassette users. We'll also most likely be raising the price for new customers (to around $30) since all the added features will add a lot of value to the plug. Hope that helps!
This is great news. I’m an enthusiastic user, so I’m looking forward to the new features. There is an issue in Maschine that prevents SketchCassette from remembering the settings of previous sessions, it would be great if you could do something about that on your side since Native Instruments are not exactly stellar with their updates and bug fixes.