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I stuck an Accutronics tank in my AC15CC1, and it's better, but the results were not as good as I hoped. Still sounded cold.

And from an engineering point of view (I'm an old EE), op amps are not necessarily superior. Depends on the application.
What they are is versatile and cheap. Both in parts cost and manufacturing (automated assembly).

A tube reverb circuit is much more expensive, the tube alone costing more than entire op amp reverb circuit. There's a reverb driver transformer, so you don't save on iron.
Oh, god, another EE....

They do not teach guitar amps in modern EE courses. In fact they barely cover analog audio at all.

Chips do not sound good when clipping or even just driven hard. That means that in 90% of cases op amps do not work well in guitar amps. I can think of a couple exceptions (Music Man), but they're rare and were not cheap to make. And most companies that made them don't anymore. Wonder why that might be?