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Here for the gear

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Hey thanks for adding that info about the Trident TSM! I have always been under the impression that they were solid boards. As far as the transformers only on the sub outs I figure that was how everything went to tape anyway and why add two trannys in the outgoing signal path.

The pres and the EQs sound like a good thing. I believe John Lennon’s Double Fantasy was tracked on a TSM. How is the maintenance on your console? Do you use the jukebox?

Trident sells the A Range outboard racks and they are pricey but I am willing to bet worth it. I use Arturia’s A-Range plug-in and it is one of those magic bullets where you just can’t make anything sound bad through it. The plug also lets you punch one or more HPF/LPF buttons at a time like the real deal.

I did happen to see a TSM for sale recently where the owner had replaced the EQ faders with pots. So I see where your coming from when you say the faders are “dodgy”.

Anyway, happy to talk to someone who has real world experience with them. Thanks for posting!

The TSM is a great board and is serving my studio well. They just aren't without their quirks...Like most vintage consoles. I have seen that TSM for sale for a while and I get why they did it. Having the faders... they get a little sticky since they were cheap plastic.... so it's set and forget.... no real way to actuallly recall a mix accurately. I definitely have thought about adding pots... but I think that when the time comes... I think that I will have a lot of faders made to do the retrofit. Crazy... I know... but so is owning a recording studio!
Having Transformers in and out is pretty great. Adds more weight and complexity to my ears... I may be wrong... but using the pres without hitting the bussing is more akin to an 80 series. Not a bad thing... despite what some people might say...some of my favorite records were made on Trident 80 series boards.

The TSM definitely has its share of great records done on them... just look at a lot of the great records to come out The Plant Sausalito. Huey Lewis Sports, Journey, Fleetwood mack... the list goes on.