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I have a TSM. The TSM pres and eq sound great. Definitely on par with other high end pres. The Eq can be a bit grainy in the top end at times but I like it on most sources... The eq sliders tend to be pretty dodgy on the TSM and I haven't found suitable replacement faders. Another thing to consider is that the transformer out is on the busses on the TSM. So with a racked module... you have an input transformer and no output tranny unless you add one.

The Daking stuff is really great, more A range. I probably would be buying a lot of their gear if I didn't have my TSM.

Hey thanks for adding that info about the Trident TSM! I have always been under the impression that they were solid boards. As far as the transformers only on the sub outs I figure that was how everything went to tape anyway and why add two trannys in the outgoing signal path.

The pres and the EQs sound like a good thing. I believe John Lennon’s Double Fantasy was tracked on a TSM. How is the maintenance on your console? Do you use the jukebox?

Trident sells the A Range outboard racks and they are pricey but I am willing to bet worth it. I use Arturia’s A-Range plug-in and it is one of those magic bullets where you just can’t make anything sound bad through it. The plug also lets you punch one or more HPF/LPF buttons at a time like the real deal.

I did happen to see a TSM for sale recently where the owner had replaced the EQ faders with pots. So I see where your coming from when you say the faders are “dodgy”.

Anyway, happy to talk to someone who has real world experience with them. Thanks for posting!