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Here for the gear
I'm also trying to replace the ratio pot on the 160xt. Thinking I would make things straight forward I decided to order the part from studio electronics referenced above. Ended up $40 or so after shipping! In the picture it appears to be a direct replacement. Turns out the one I bought only has two legs and not 3 (which wasn't evident from the picture). I have a limited understanding of pots so forgive me if it's ignorant to ask if there is a workaround for this. Thanks.

Did a little due diligence on pots. I guess the real question is whether the ratio knob will work okay as a VR rather than a voltage splitter. It baffles me a bit that the VR I received is an EXACT match for the Gain and Threshold pots except the lack of ground. I have a schematic but I am not proficient at reading it. The third missing terminal connection on the board has a trace attached but I am uncertain whether it goes anywhere besides direct ground. Another question would be if either the Gain or Threshold would work okay with the VR. Then I could swap on out and move it to the Ratio position.

Much appreciated

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