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Originally Posted by rik0 ➡️
Thanks! This has been very useful. This perspective helped a lot.
Not only because of the suggestions about the settings, but also to set the expectation correctly in term of some level of unpredictability, which was making me second guess what I thought I understood.
Hey there,

Glad this was helpful to you.

We live in a time now where we have tremendous control over things. We can edit just about anything on a recording, and do it really easily. But if one looks at the history of audio recording, it quickly becomes apparent that so many ground breaking and memorable moments on records we love are from moments of UN control. From an accident, or a mistake. From something unpredictable. Led Zeppelin accidentally inventing pre-verb on Whole Lotta Love, Nancy Wilson’s voice cracking on a high note. Virtually everything by the Beatles. Cool recordings are from experimentation and happy accidents as much as they’re from good technique and gear.

I think the big difference between digital and analog is that lack of control. And that lack is missing in a lot of modern recording. Dan designs our plugins with that in mind. That there are some things that might happen that will put you into a new situation, that you’ll have to deal with, and that will bring out your creativity in that moment. It is not random, but it can be unpredictable. And it’s really a good thing if you embrace it. And you seem to be doing exactly that, and that is a good thing, too.

Thanks for supporting us - your comments are always read and appreciated.

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