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Lol, thanks for the advice.

I didn’t post much for a week because I was collaborating on two tracks remotely.

The only reason I started messing with stuff is that, the mids (high mids?) of my bounces don’t sound quite the way I would expect them to when I A B them.

I think I am perceiving the lower decay in the middle of the spectrum in my room. I believe I can overcome this just by being aware of it.

But only if I leave it the same for a while!

I keep checking the SPL I’m mixing at, because everything sounds much louder than I expect it to.

Mixing at 75dB makes me feel like I should turn it down because it sounds clearer the way it would at 85.

Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks again for all your help.
Well your RT60 in hi's and mids is really short, almost like wearing a pair of headphones, but you will get used to it eventually...or not. Some people have problems working in rooms with really short decays in mids and hi's, while others love it.

Right now your NR is around 23.9-24 which is nice(recommended is NR10-NR15 max) so everything should still be nice and clear. Also the 1/3 octave response is well with +/- 3db so this is good as well.

Try to mix something without thinking and see how it turns out.