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So I looked back at my photos from 7.23 when I took that measurement and started trying to restore everything to those positions. Of course this messed up most of the other adjustments I have made since then done, and I still have not managed to get rid of the 500-1000Hz reflection...

Perhaps it was having panels behind the speakers that eventually eliminated the dip?

I still have not put those back...

I removed those panels because it allowed me to move my speakers back further and help with the SBIR issue.

All this is reinforcing my thinking that taking out the middle section of my front wall trap and pushing the speakers up against the front wall may be necessary.

This is why acoustic designers don't recommend small rooms for control rooms.
Your options are limited in terms of space and at a certain point and every new move while it might make somethings better it can make it worse as well.

Comparing before(July 23) and this new measurement, it was better before.

At this point, i would stop measuring and start working. Its really the only way to be sure how the room is translating.

This is the black hole of doing measurements, you forget what the original goal was and it becomes all about getting a graph to look right.