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Old 7th August 2020
Here for the gear

very interesting information, thank you. I'm very uninitiated into that type of info. I like the sound of the AC30 but can't see myself buying another fender just to have that reverb sound that I like out of the fenders - I'm pretty dirt poor (I could only buy the CC2 from the last stimulus check ) and live in a tiny place, no space for another amp. Guess I will just have to see how good I can get it with what I have and make do, f**k, lol.

In another thread about the CC2 someone had mentioned something about plugging pedals etc directly into the fx return loop in the back and bypassing some of what gives the vox its particular tone - I've played with the thought of using a preamp pedal that emulates a fender and seeing what kind of variety of tone I can get out of the amp. Not sure how much more play that'd give me though, I still don't understand much of this stuff.