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So I after I got the EQ and delays to be working together a bit more, I started experimenting with adding some slats and pegboard to the front wall.

I also lifted up the back of the desk to reduce reflections. I really need to build a new desktop, but I don't want to build it incorrectly.

Here's my most recent iteration.

I would appreciate suggestions on how to treat the rest of the walls and how to decide on front wall slat widths and spacing. It won't be "Sealed"

Is it worth it to dismantle my front wall trap, and only treat the front wall corners to get the speakers closer to the front wall for SBIR purposes?

Thanks for looking!
Your speaker and listening position looks like its working so i would keep it.

The only issue is now your frequency response from 500hz-1khz has been changed by a reflection that wasn't there before.

I know its difficult at times, but it makes it easier to compare older and newer measurements if you measure at the same level.
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