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Yep, there might be something that thwarts you - the power section & speakers of an AC30 are different to most fenders.

The latter tend to have more headroom, and a cleaner, flatter sound before the onset of power saturation which gives the reverb a chance to be clear, clean and deep. Likewise the speakers are often higher powered relative to the amps' output, which means they can reproduce the dry and reverb sounds better.

Whereas an AC30, with 4x el84s, no negative feedback, and speakers that are more closely matched in power rating to the amp output, is a different story - the power section breakup starts earlier and is more gradual, so the headroom even at cleaner settings isn't necessarily there to stop the dry and reverb sounds from mushing together, and especially in the lows give the reverb the space it needs to sound rich.

I had a CC series for a few years, they're good amps. A few reliability foibles, but I'd rather have one of those than the C series that replaced it.