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That’s a great deal and should serve you well. As I mentioned in the other thread, just that the others are superior doesn’t mean the JBLs suck.
Sometimes you get what you pay for though, the Neumanns are simply in another league. Sound- and price-wise.

You can make absolutely great mixes on all of them.
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That's a great post, thanks for sharing.

And I figured that the Neumann 420 or the Genelec S360 would be better speakers, but the price difference is huge between those and the 708Ps.

I was able to get 2 used 708Ps for $2400 and a third one for $1600. So basically for $4000 total (no shipping or tax) I got my LCR. And they sound terrific. I hope one day I can afford those Numann 420s with their Subwoofer.

Thank you again for the post.