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Hey, I'm switching over because it just plays with me elektron and other bits nicer.

I'm looking to buy a small keyboard, nothing too fancy. I just wanted to see if anyone could suggest what works best. I'm looking mainly at that little NI32 key one. Possibly launchpad pro, any pro/cons/suggestions?

Really all I want is a bit of basic mixer integration, but I've been on maschine for a while so I have 0 idea what's possible with bitwig. They keyboard will mainly be used for external gear.

I've got M32 and it's very good (better than Akai MPK Mini Mk2 or Arturia MiniLab that I had earlier), but nowadays 90% of the time I use Launchpad X (with Moss script) and if I got the X sooner, I'd probably never buy M32. The X - and Pro even more so, obviously - covers everything: plays instruments with velocity & aftertouch constrained to specified key & scale, has few sequencers for drums and melodic parts, can launch & record clips in Clip Launcher view, can control device parameters; although it doesn't really control the mixer other than track arm/solo/mute.

Here's video overview of Moss scripts for X and Pro and then detailed description of how the scripts work.