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Hardware BAX-EQ 500-series bereich03-Audio


This is my new BAX-EQ. Again a stereo 500 module.
It is a 3-band EQ with High-shelf, Low-shelf and a Mid-band.
All controls are stepped. There are 2 different gain versions. One with 1dB steps and one with 0,5 / 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0 dB steps.
And additionally you can switch each band from normal stereo mode to mid or side.

So it is mainly an addition to my other mastering modules, but I think it will also work good as a bus EQ.
It is a very transparent circuit with a maximum input level of +24dBu and very low distortions and noise floor. See the THD measurement below.

The price is 700,-euro without german VAT.

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