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I usually mix at around 75dB and i never felt the kh310s struggled with bass but with bass heavy music i can hear the difference straight away but only because i had the kh750 to compare it with. The analogy would be driving a car with 2 people vs 4.

With the K+H o300 i had before they definitely needed subs to help them. The kh310s not so much but the whole system sounds better and has more power.

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Thanks for the detailed answer!
I had the Adam A7 monitors with an Adam Sub before I switched to the Neumanns and felt that I lost a little bit of bass, but not that much. But I could definitely hear clearer when I set a lowcut to like 28Hz or 32Hz, compared to the Neumanns without a sub. Still not to keen to integrate a sub again, as the room is practically the living room even though it is treated with a Bass trap and some broadband absorbers. But the opening up on the 310's when used with a sub sounds interesting. Do you think this is especially when mixing rather loud? Like 80dB and up?