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Mikko just released his Mesa Mark V plugin...holy crap does this thing sound great. The best clean tones I've heard in a plugin since Plini, and a whole bunch of excellent mid/high gain tones as well. 9 amp sims for 80 euros. Awesome stuff.
I have to agree. When Neural came out, I thought they set a new standard for amp sim plugins. To me, great as Neural's plugins are, ML5 is leaps and bounds above. The Neural stuff reminds me of the Axe-Fx - sounds great, but doesn't feel like playing a real amp. The ML5 actually feels like playing a real amp.

I did this quick shootout:

Please note, this isn't mixed or anything. There's no additional processing to any of the plugins.

It's a goofy riff, but I did it to test different aspects of the tone:
1. How tight the palm mutes are
2. How a sustained power chord sounds
3. How it deals with low notes (8 and 9 string range)
4. Clarity for complex chords

In two of the three Neural sims, you can hear extremely harsh and offensive frequencies in the "complex chord" part of the riff; in the other Neural, they're not present (but that's because Mikko did the IRs for that sim). Meanwhile, the ML5 sounds totally balanced. As a bonus - ML5 uses a fraction the processing power of the Neural plugins (and it works in standalone mode flawlessly in Windows 10 with a Thunbderbolt 3 sound device, which Neural's plugins do not).

This amp covers so many good tones I'd be surprised if I ever use another sim again. Oh, and it's sexy AF...
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