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OK, I'm gonna come to this guy's defense. MXL makes some damn fine mics. One of the first inexpensive tube mics ever made was the MXL V77. With a simple mod (installing a tube socket and a premium NOS 12 AY7) it became the best sounding mic for my own vocals I've ever used (as opposed to a Neumann U87, U67--yes, a real U67, Tele tube mics etc.) I've also got an MXL 5000 that's one of my favorite vocal mics. The Revelation and Genesis are also very good mics IMHO.
lol thanks, THey been bopping to my mxl mic sound for much longeer than they realized. (i wont tell if yall dont) but as a former ghost writer sometimes the final versions have included mxl mic recordings. end of the day if it feels good and looks good. ....thats what it is. Great performances happen on less than great equipment sometims.
i turn lemons into chickfila
these days im using a advanced audio cm67se. AMAXZING.
i still got my revelation telling ya...with the right voice and chain its def doing a great job as the back up.