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If your room is untreated upgrading to 6.5" woofers may not be a good move.

I have the JBL's and when I go to my mate's studio who has the Genelecs I get GAS, but not enough to fork out the difference. I think knowing your monitors would be much more beneficial than spending money on a new pair, esp with an untreated room. It's like buying a Ferrari to drive on a dirt road. A Ford Fiesta will get you there in the same time, even quicker if you know the road and the car well.

I'm guessing your monitors are placed close to a wall. The JBLs are rear ported which means they are probably not discharging quick enough to take advantage of the port design (essential for low freqs) and also creating a frequency build up behind them.

If this is the case and you cannot change the position upgrading to front ported monitors may improve your situation, but generally, if a flat frequency response is what you are after, you should avoid ported monitors. Some time ago I read a book by Mike Senior titled "The Mixing Secrets of the Small Studio" where he makes a very compelling case for unported monitors. Plenty of graphics and scientific evidence included. Very recommended read. You can also check the resources page on this site that includes a list of recommended (unported) monitors for different budget ranges: