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That puts me off even trusting their company. Try writing to someone at their HQ. You should be able to find some contact details on-line these days. Point out forums such as this and the goodwill and reputation of the company etc.

It's not like you are asking for a freebie - just something you should own as of right since you were one of the first adopters and supported their product by paying your money.
my point exactly. and we have all seen what happened with the powercore systems. I even offered to pay 25$ per unit so that I could get the licenses deposited after going back and forth with no success. And even after basically offering to pay 100$ for code I already had paid for originally for the 4 plugins, I was told no!! To be totally honest, you know what I did!? I downloaded the cracks to all 4 plugins installed them and they are running perfectly fine with and without the controllers now. I found both Mac and PC versions and now I dont need to haul anything around anymore. Its sh**ty and leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but what do you think I will do now with the rest of the plugins they will release. Do you really think I will give them a penny now that I got the sh**tiest support I could have ever imagined!? I really didn't think it would turn out this way, but this goes to show how much they dont care anymore! So think long and hard with your wallet before supporting them!

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