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Just a bit more information on lightning-based iPads:

The iPad pro 13" operates at USB3 speeds, where the 9" version only operates at USB2 speeds. These are the seventh generation, and all the previous versions also operate at USB2 speeds as well...

There are a number of interfaces that are (supposedly) specifically designed to work with iPads like the Tascam iXR and Focusrite iTrack Solo, but further investigation shows that's not really the case at all -- they're based on a switched USB interface.

As stated before, you need the Lightning Camera Connection Kit (CCK) that has both USB and lightning ports; this is crucial because you need the USB port for data, and the lightning port for power. For use with an iPad you'll need that CCK, a powered USB hub, an extra USB cable and (of course) your interface.

This is the hub I purchased:

SmartDelux Powered USB Hub - 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Ports, 3 Smart Charging Ports, Power Adapter, Long Cord, LEDs - Black Aluminum

... which is because I bought an iPad Pro 12.9" and wanted USB3 speeds, even if I didn't get those speeds out of the interface (I went with the Tascam iXR). The main hub data output goes to the USB portion of the CCK, while the standard USB charging cable goes to one of the "power only" ports on this hub and into the lightning port on the CCK, then the CCK gets plugged in to the iPad. It's important that you use only the USB port on the interface, and not the "iPad" port which is usually just a micro-USB connector. And yes, you will have two cables going into your iPad CCK.