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The plugin and the controller are separate purchases, the controller is listed as optional which is not how the earlier releases were sold.
There won't be any version of these needing the controller for copy protection. You buy the plugin with ilok license and you can optionally buy the controller(without plugin).
wow....if this is the case, then that's even more messed up. How will they manage firmware updates for the controllers? Original purchasers they are refusing to give licenses to. Now the new purchasers will get iLok licenses. Who has iLok, who has controller based activation. What a mess!!! They should have just upgraded the firmware and had a section on the site where you put in the serial number and as long as the number was not already registered, they would deposit a license into "X" iLok account and just do it this new way. Everyone can just buy the native version, and then they can go ahead and just add the controller if need be. So basically, all the early adopters of this series got it right up the a*s with no grease!!! This is a great way to do business and try and retain existing customers! What a joke!!