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Here for the gear

SamplesLoops Vaporwave TR-505! OUT NOW!

Our new product, the "VAPORWAVE TR-505" is out now!

"Magical Room" is a new option to get this original and real vintage sound. We record and sample different kind of instruments and sounds in our different vintage supports. We are starting so it would be great for us to visit our web and check our releases.

(Synths used in the demo: "80s ESSENTIALS DX7" recorded in cassette tape by Magical Room!)
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In this new release, i recorded every separate piece of my Roland TR-505 in a cassette with the Fostex Multitracker X-55 and pitched down the samples with the analog pitch of the cassette machine

You'll find 4 different kontakt libraries. 2 recorded in different pitch and dry. And 2 other libraries with different pitch too, but this time processed on the classical Lexicon 480L Reverb.

The "Vaporwave 1995" is pitched in a very low tune and has a deep reverb that combined with the tape color sounds lo-fi and nostalgic.
"80's gated reverb" is pitched in the middle of the lowest tune and the normal tune. Is processed by a gated reverb of the Lexicon 480L, getting the perfect sound for some 80's aesthetic.

To complete the concept and aesthetic, i added some bonus tape recording noises and cassette machine sfx to add realism to your productions.

If you are searching for an original retro, nostalgic and lo-fi sound this is perfect for you.

Enjoy it! And it would be amazing sharing it on your social media and tag us if you liked it and used it in your productions.




Magical Room!