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Old 6th August 2020
Here for the gear

this 2 versions significantly Sound better !
Now the track translates way better ! The Music has more Impact !!

I would go for the Clipper Version.

I compared all versions and tried to match the loudness.
In the Version with Clipper, the drums kinda maintain their Punch. Clap hits hard !!!!!
The no Clipper Version is more dynamic and has a nice open feel aswell.

But for my subjective Impression, i felt like i prefer the Version with Clipper tho

Good Job ! I think you are good to go.

Vocal might feel a bit to wet with effects , when i checked mix in mono the vocal came waaaay more upfront, which is no surprise, but u might notice what i mean if u check mix in mono. But thats not a Problem at all. Sounds good to me. Peace !