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Panel Thickness or Maximum Room Coverage

Hello, I have been doing lots of research, but cannot find an answer to this question. For the parts of a room besides corners and ceiling, is it better to have four 4" panels, or eight 2" panels that can cover more space in the room?

I am building some panels of my own. I already have three 4x2x4 panels, and I was planning to make four more 4" panels. Now, I am considering whether to redistribute the rockwool to make just one 4" panel and six 2" panels.

Say I use two 4" panels for the ceiling and two 4" panels for the front corners, would I be better off with more 2" panels to cover the first reflection points and more surface area on the back, side, and front walls? Or stick to fewer 4" panels for those spots? My room is roughly 8'x12'x10' for reference.