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Here for the gear
Let me throw out another love song, but this time it is a video. (I do video) Never the less, ... what about a little back story first.

The writers tried to get a studio to produce the movie but they got turned down numerous times but finally cobbled something together, and had to be really low budget. The setting was at a summer lake and as the shooting progressed, so did the season and the leaves started to turn color. they had to spray paint the leaves to keep them looking green. Casting: the lead guy and gal didn't get along throughout the shoot but I don't know what happened at the end because, frankly, they looked like they worked it out.

Nice plot, story, and a great musical. I would clarify it as a love story even though it might be just a summer fling. The ending song was very well done, choreographed. Maybe not a Romeo and Juliet and life ever after, or something the average person can relate to, but still really good. We can dream, can't we?

Musical: Dirty Dancing
Song: "Time of my life"
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