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Unless I'm mistaken, the Blues Juniors reverb circuit is solid state, not digital.
You are correct; I was using digital to mean solid state, not tube-driven.

Like a lot of modern amps (the Vox AC30 CC2 included), it's driven by op-amps rather than valves, but it's still driving a good old fashioned spring tank.

Using op-amps is more effficient than valves, which waste a lot of energy generating the currents required to feed a spring tank, plus you loose the need for an extra transformer.
Whether one or the other is tonally superior is in the ear of the beholder - I'm ok with either.

I'll be happy to be corrected on this, but I think from an engineering point of view, op-amp is superior. I'd wager the reason a lot of high end amps still use valves to drive the reverb is less about tonal superiority, more to do with the mains transformer needing extra taps for to feed the op-amps the +/-15V.

Lots of modern inexpensive amps use opamps to drive their reverb, where as you move up in price and quality, they're tube driven. The Blues Jr. and CC2 were both built to a price point, and for that price point most users are fine with the solid state reverb drivers.

As for your thinking on tonal superiority, I doubt it; if opamps sounded better boutique amp makers, especially those already using PCB construction, would be shifting to that - but from what I can see, they're not. But would be interested to see any quality amps that use op amps for reverb driver/recovery over tubes.