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I think it would be cool if a pedal company would provide another, separate bottom cover for their pedals so that you could use one for Velcro and still have the mint one for when you wanted to sell it. Heck, they could even make money selling individual covers for their pedals. Just a thought?
I'd be surprised if most companies won't sell you a replacement cover, if you ask them nicely.

But at the end of the day, it's not difficult to remove the velcro and clean up the existing baseplate, should you wish to sell it.
Panel wipe does a grand job in most cases* - you can probably get about 5 litres for the price of a new baseplate. That'll keep your pedals gunk free for a lifetime and then some...

*Obviously, test it on a discrete area. Not all pedals are created equally - I've never had a problem, but it could conceivably react with the finish.